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Address: 54 Vale Road

            Currently Resident Artist at                                      Clarence Street Tattoo                                             STAINES, TW18 4SY



I specialise in Black&Grey, Realism, Portraits, Dark Art, Geometric sleeves, Mandalas, Fine art, Dotwork, Lettering, and Cover up's.

Choosing The Right Tattoo Artist

I can  design something unique a tailor made tattoo  for you, a tattoo you will  never see on anyone else!
Anybody can undertake a tattoo with the right equipment, but tattooists can vary  greatly in their  levels of hygiene, artistic ability and experience. Remember that it is a choice that will stay with you for a lifetime, and that you deserve to have a top quality procedure, executed in a safe environment that will last you through the years.
With over a decade of experience in tattoo industry.
We are subject to regular inspections by the Environmental Health Department.                    
All these factors make going to a professional studio a better choice for your tattoo as you are assured a stringent level of quality .
There Are Some Simple Questions That You Should Ask Yourself When Looking At  A Studio.

*Do the premises have a hygenic, and clean all around does have a  friendly atmosphere?
*Is the studio registered with the Environmental Health Department and does hold an up to date Special Treatments License.

 *Does the artists use single use cartridge needles and disposable equipment?

You Are Entitled To Ask The Artist

*To see examples of their previous work."very important"
 *If you can see their Environmental Health Registration

 *To provide the relevant after care information for proper healing of your tattoo.

 You Also Have A Responsibility To Your  Artist
To truthfully answer any questions put to you on the consent form about your age and health.
*The legal age for getting a tattoo is 18. Proof of age must be provided in the form of a photo I.D. {Passport or Drivers License}

Environmental Health Registration

I'm registered and licensed by Windsor&Maidenhead Borough Council and  Spelthorne borough council strive to adhere to most up to date practices and techniques within my trade.

Booking Ahead & Deposits

Although i try to accommodate some walk in customers to avoid disappointments but it is much better to book an appointment for which there is a deposit required this is of course deducted from the cost of your tattoo.

You can also book in for a consultation to discuss your requirements and for this there is absolutely no charge.

 Caring For Your New Tattoo

1. Keep the bandage on the tattoo for  at least 2 hours after the work is complete.

2. Remove the bandage very carefully and trow away. This allows your skin to breathe and begin the healing process. Do not re-bandage the tattoo.

3. Put a drop of antibacterial skin cleaner ( hibi scrub) on your hand and lightly wash the tattoo with tepid water. Gently dry with washcloth do not use paper towel, taking care not to rub it.

4. Dab a Bepanthene (Nappy Care Ointment) on the cleaned area. Do not use an ointment that contains zinc it may cause an adverse reaction.

5. Continue to lightly apply Bepanthene to your tattooed skin 4/5 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

6. Expose your healing skin to air as much as possible but avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

7. Avoid getting a lot of water on your new tattoo-showers are OK, but no swimming, steam room ,  jakuzi or bath for couple of weeks.


. Resist scratching the skin or picking at scabs, no matter how much it itches its all part of healing process.

. Wear clean, loose and comfortable clothing over the tattooed area, your skin should heal approx. with in 2/3 weeks.

. You can check out my latest work on Instagram/tek_cst  or on Facebook/godsend82  Email:

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